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  • Hayley says that one day, she and Jeff might get married. This happened in "100 A.D.".
  • This episode aired after Roger made a brief cameo on Family Guy at the end of "Meet the Quagmires".
  • Stan sings "Shoop" by Salt-n-Pepa in the shower.
  • Stan and Roger sing along to "Sister Christian" by the band Night Ranger in the car.
  • Jeff mentions that since Stan shaves his chest so he can wear a wire that Hayley must wear a wire too on her privates.
  • Jeff gives Stan two ponchos and a flute that summons the black leprechaun O'Shamus McPherson.
  • Stan and Roger aren't shown how they escape the barn but assume they "must have done some sweet maneuvers from the film Backdraft."
  • When Steve agrees to hotwire the car, he mentions that his sneakers have unusually large tongues.
  • Roger claims that his bounty hunter is the product of a prostitute and a whore.
  • There's an image of an actual cheetah on the bag of Cheetoes Stan is looking at rather than a stylized cheetah.
  • The clerk at the convenience store is reading Magazine Enthusiast.
  • The cat food Roger carries around is called Colonial Cat food and has a picture of a cat with a colonial white powdered wig on.
  • Stan's CIA checklist is entitled "How to know if you are under the influence of Illegal substances":
  1. Cotton mouth
  2. Life Seems Pretty Good
  3. You Genuinely Enjoy Night Ranger
  • Stan thinks he's hallucinating and sees Kevin in the rearview mirror before realizing that it's a hitchhiker they picked up
  • When Roger is high, he has to hold cat food, or something that is heavy, or else he would float away.
  • The episode commentary reported another chapter in the saga of The Golden Turd was supposed to take place in this episode but was dropped for time.

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