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John Q Mind

John Q. Mind appears as a hospital patient in the episode "In Country...Club", where he mentally manipulates the curtains around his bed and slams a doctor into a wall. According to a mysterious stranger at the end of the episode, John Q. Mind was America's greatest soldier until his arms & legs were blown into his mind. The stranger then vows to catch John, we then see John driving a motorcycle towards the Pentagon. His adventures are presented as a 70's style fictitious television adventure/drama titled Mind Quad!.

John returns in "School Lies" when he encounters Jimmy Boombox fleeing from the police after being framed by Stan for crimes committed by Steve. Sensing a kindred spirit in Jimmy, John uses his mind powers to lift the disabled Jimmy from his wheelchair into a motorcycle sidecar and they take off together.

Roger awakes in the hospital following an accident in "Vision: Impossible" to find he can no longer see visions of the future. As he remarks on his lack of powers, John Q. Mind demonstrates his for him, fetching him a drink and summoning a motorcycle on which he leaves the hospital. Roger refuses to drink from the glass, as John's lack of limbs disgusted him.

He also appears during "Everyone is Happy in Utopia" in "300".

John Q. Mind is voiced by adult film star Randy Spears.