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Jessica Raplansky was Stan's Spring Break Buddy in "Spring Break-Up". Jessica and Stan were also Splash Buddies. When her break was over, she headed back to college at Rutgers leaving Stan dejected. Stan decided to head to Rutgers and try to convince her to come back and keep partying with him. After stopping off at her sorority Theta Sigma (ΘΣ), Stan finds out she's in class and rejects his pleas to come back, saying she needed to get back to her studies.

Jessica and her friend Tracy flash the crowd in "100 A.D.", showing off their breasts.

When Hayley and Jeff first try to elude Roger in "Son of Stan" at the hotel, Jessica cameos in the hotel's pool

Jessica frolics in the pool at a tropical resort in "Killer Vacation", can be seen at the revamped "Roger's Spot" in "Roger Passes the Bar" and bumps into newly-single party guy Stan in "Dreaming of a White Porsche Christmas". When they race to the beach, their horseplay results in Jessica crashing into a tree.

She is also seen at the pool in "Seizures Suit Stanny" and at the DJ battle in "Standard Deviation".

She is in the funnel cake line in "The Witches of Langley", attends the Juicy Lou concert at the Shark's Nest in "The Never-Ending Stories" and at the Pearl Bailey High School French Club fashion show in "Mean Francine".

She auditions for Stomp in "Stompe le Monde", is a dancer on Sebastian Hub's Sub Hub party sub in "The Old Country" and as an employee of Panera in "Mused and Abused".

She is voiced by Leisha Hailey.