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Jared S. Fogle (born December 1, 1977), also known as The Subway Guy, was a spokesman employed by Subway Restaurants in its advertising campaigns. He is known for his significant weight loss, now known as the "Subway diet", attributed to eating Subway sandwiches, which led to his role promoting the company.

He was fired by Subway in 2015 when it was discovered Fogel was in possession of child pornography and paid to travel to have sex with minors.

Jared is mentioned in "Season's Beatings" when Stan Smith tries to discover a way to return to the church after being excommunicated. Father Donovan tells him that donating a large sum of money worked for Jared. Later, Jared's picture appears on the list of people excommunicated and forbidden to enter the Vatican although Jared's picture is stamped "ok".