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  • The song that Stan has Gabriel Byrne try to sing is "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel.
  • The music played as Stan and Francine dance in the last part is "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS, while the song played at very beginning of the episode is "The Look Of Love" by ABC.
  • The names Andy Rooney; who died in November 2011, Charlton Heston; who died in April 2008, Mary Kate Olsen, Markie Post, Hugh Hefner, Frank Langella, Danny Bonaduce, Tara Reid, and Stockard Channing can be seen on the CIA Death Pool.
  • In the restaurant scene, Stan's double requests that the waiter hire a violin player who can play Francine's favorite song, "Little Red Corvette" by Prince. It was established in "Francine's Flashback" that Francine's favorite song was "The Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston.
  • In Pretty in Pink, Duckie is notable for acting effeminate. Here, Quacky reveals to Francine that he is gay. Both are played by actor Jon Cryer.

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