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Iced, Iced Babies
Steve begins to spend more time with his girlfriend Debbie, resulting in Francine wanting another baby; something Stan does not take kindly to.

Season: 2 Episode: 6
Total Episode Count: 29
Prod. no.: 2AJN09
First Aired: November 19, 2006

Guest Starring: Elijah Wood
Featuring: Stan Smith, Francine Smith
Also Appearing: Steve, Hayley, Roger, Klaus, Debbie, Principal Lewis, Melissa, Ethan, Gladys, Maria, Kichiro, Mujiro, Julia Roberts
Musical Numbers: Moonlight Becomes You

Director: Caleb Meurer
Assistant Director: Albert Acosta
Writers: Steve Hely
Storyboarders: Shawn Murray, Jamie Oliff

Newspaper Headline: Rumsfeld steps down... on puppy's head

Plot: The Smith family sits at the dinner table, Steve’s girlfriend Debbie is joining them. Stan still holds some resentment towards Debbie. Francine starts treating Steve like he’s a baby and he’s embarrassed. Stan doesn’t understand what Steve sees in Debbie.

Francine wants Stan to be nicer to be Debbie. The two go through a routine of wrapping Francine in saran wrap to keep Francine from getting pregnant again.

Debbie stops by the Smith home to walk with Steve to school. Stan puts his gun on the table to scare Debbie, however, she’s a gun geek and knows the make and model. Stan and Debbie bond over Debbie’s love of guns. Francine gets jealous when Debbie makes Steve lunch.

Hayley takes Roger to enroll at college; he’s tired of being treated like a moron. A boy Hayley likes, Ethan, walks by ignores her.

Steve is making a scrapbook for Debbie, and Francine pours water on it to ruin to the book. Francine wants Steve to stay home, but he has a date with Debbie. Francine begs Steve to stay home, but it doesn’t work.

Francine brings Stan cookies at work. Stan expresses his new fondness in Debbie which angers Francine. She heads towards the drug room at the CIA.

A security guard slams Steve against the lockers as Steve defends that he doesn’t have drugs on him. The principal opens Steve’s locker and several kilos of cocaine fall out, all with "his" name on it. The principal suspends Steve.

Hayley sits next to Ethan in class. Roger stands before the class, dressed as a professor. He lied to the dean and ended up teaching. He first introduces himself as Professor Guggenheim but then changes it to Baxter.

Francine meets Steve at a coffee shop. He knows Francine set him up with the drugs, and he tells his mother he’s ready to move on. He says he’s found another woman and Francine has to move on.

Francine watches a children’s daytime show, but weeps since Steve isn’t watching it with her. Klaus suggests that maybe it’s time Francine convinces Stan to have another child.

That night, Stan freaks out when Francine tries to be intimate. Stan refuses to let Francine anywhere near him, he doesn’t want to have another child.

Roger lectures a handful of students in his office, they think he’s really smart. Hayley walks in and tells Roger that his class is nothing but idealistic babble. Ethan walks into Roger’s office and says he’s inspired by Roger. Hayley uses the opportunity to get a date with Ethan.

Stan goes to get a vasectomy. A nurse offers Stan the chance to save some sperm for later use, but Stan says he took care of that before a dangerous mission in the 80s. Stan then enters another room and goes through with the vasectomy.

Roger babbles on in front of his class, all the students buy into everything he says. Hayley sits up front, looking irritated. After class Hayley wants Roger to keep up what he’s doing and Ethan invites them to dinner.

Steven and Debbie return home and run into Francine in the kitchen. It’s awkward. Stan tells Francine he’s ready to have a baby, and the two head upstairs.

Once Bitten

Francine keeps checking pregnancy tests, and nothing is working. Stan tells her before they try again, they should break for yogurt. Francine flips through her coupon book and finds a coupon missing for the vasectomy clinic. Francine grabs the phone and angrily dials the phone number.

Roger and Hayley arrive at Ethan’s mansion. Ethan tells Roger that he took his advice to make a change for the better and Ethan admits he stabbed his father thirty eight times before he laughs maniacally.

Francine confronts Stan about the vasectomy and she knows about Stan’s frozen sperm. Francine and Stan race to the storage facility.

Roger plays piano while he and Hayley try to avoid being killed by Ethan, then they make a run for it. Unfortunately, Ethan, fencing a sword, states that unless they "seize the day" like Roger taught him, then life isn't worth living. Roger and Hayley then find the corpse of Ethan's father.

Francine runs through the warehouse, trying to find Stan’s sample. Stan finds her and holds her at gunpoint. Stan is done with kids, but Francine wants more. Francine pulls a gun of her own and shoots a giant milk tank behind Stan. A flood of milk washes him out the door.

Francine Look

Stan is able to get to his sample first. Stan and Francine square off. The latter picks up a vial filled with George Stephanopoulos' sperm and threatens to inject it into herself. Reluctantly, Stan gives up his sample. At a last resort, Stan convinces Francine that she doesn’t need another baby, and that she’s already a mother and always will be. He tells her that kids are supposed to leave because it means the mother has done a great job. Francine understands him and reconsiders having a baby. Relieved, Stan takes Francine home.

After failing a game of Pictionary, Roger decides to leave by convincing Ethan to take Hayley into the closet. However, Hayley convinces him to take Roger instead. In desperation, Roger confesses to Ethan that he’s not a real professor. He realizes he doesn’t need respect, he just likes to sit on the couch and watch TV. Ethan, on the other hand, becomes horrified that he killed his father because of Roger.

Steve cries on the couch, Debbie broke up with him. Though Stan reminds Francine to "remember the cow", she tells Steve he’s a big boy and he’ll be okay. She tells him that no other woman will love him more than his mother, smiling evilly to herself.

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