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I want a wife

"I Want A Wife (Not A Partner)" is Stan's fantasy number in "Stan of Arabia: Part 1" when he dreams of having his family, particularly Francine, wait on him hand and foot.


Stan: Dammit! If Francine had been here, she could've started the wave of laughter. Laughter is infectious like small pox or gay. She wants to be equal partners? Well, I say no way!

I don't want a partner, I want a wife

Someone who's happy taking care of my life

Where's my Edith Bunker, Laura Petrie, Wilma Flintstone?

Edith: I would never let Archie go to a party alone.

Stan: I want to go back, to a simpler time

When men were men and women had no say

Content to love, honor and obey

I want to be greeted with a massage and a martini

The way master was by his Genie-e-e-e-e

I don't buy this independence and doing your own thing

I want a woman to make me feel like a king

This ship is sinking and I'm swimming for my li-i-i-i-i-ife

I don't want a partner... damn it!

I want a wi-i-i-i-i-i-i-ife

Oh, did I just sing my way in here?

Woman: Yes, please, just take what you want and leave.

Girl: Are we gonna die, Mommy?

Woman: Yes, Brandy.