"I Wanna Be Seen" is sung as the finale of Stan's trial for insurance fraud when he files a false report claiming he was avoiding a dog when he was really checking out a passing jogger in "Rubberneckers". To prove that all men look at hot women, he has Francine take the stand in a slinky dress and calls all of the men present for looking. The ladies in the courtroom realize they like to be admired as well.


Guy 1: Yo fellas, so what my girl wants to wear a short skirt. It be hot in Virginia.

Woman 1: I'm gonna wear a skirt.

Jury member 1: Me too, I wanna be seen

Judge: You look like a prostitute but it's not obscene

Hayley: If I've got the goods and my body's rockin'

Jury: Ain't nothing wrong with window shopping

Jury member 2: I get looked at all the time

Like tons, and tons, and tons of times

How much is normal to get looked at?

You can double that

That's how much I get looked at

It's...pretty annoying sometimes, but you live with when you're heckofa good looking...

Guys: See, rubbernecking just ain't no crime

Jury: We're doing it just to pass the time

Guys: We might look

But you'll go home with only me

Jackson: My eyes may wander, but my heart comes home

Women: Comes home

Dick: My eyes may wander, but my heart comes home

Women: Comes home

Steve: If Francine wasn't my mama, Lord, you know I'd try to bone

Stan: Come on, Steve.

Heinrich Brown: Lord, I've learned my lesson

Stan: Lord, I've learned my lesson

All: Lord, we've learned our lesson tonight

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