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Mu shu
  • A flashback to Steve's birth reveals that Francine tore "from her V to her A" which was first referenced in "Star Trek".
  • Stan refers to a spider as an insect. In actuality, spiders are arachnids.
  • Dumbo is Jeff Fischer's favorite film.
  • At the end of dinner in the first scene, Jeff walks into the room while Roger isn't wearing a disguise, exposing himself as an alien to Jeff. Though it is clear Jeff could see him, no comments were made on this. Stan would later go to great lengths to keep Roger from exposing himself to Jeff in "Naked to the Limit, One More Time" until Roger proved that he had fooled Jeff into thinking he was his imaginary friend.
  • When Stan and Steve are talking in the bathroom after Stan poops, there's a bottle of Buffalo Laxative on the sink edge, which last appeared in "Escape from Pearl Bailey".
  • Principal Lewis has a watch fetish; but ironically, can't tell time.
  • When Stan promises to teach Steve how to shave, a few notes from the theme to Leave it to Beaver plays.
  • In the original broadcast and DVD versions of the episode, Roger says "ching chong" in greeting Melissa. In some syndicated versions, the line is changed to "Mu shu pork."

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