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Bullock: This control room is able to calibrate force fields so strong that the holographic images projected onto them feel real to the touch.
Dick: Oh, so it works like the holodeck?
Bullock: The what now?
Stan: From Star Trek.
Bullock: Some of us spent the late 80s and early 90s getting laid, Smith.

[Stan sends an image of a bear into the holodeck to shake up the boys]
Barry: Protect me! I look the most like a honey pot!

[Steve trips over a panel in the holodeck]
Steve: Guys! Come quick! Look what I just knocked open.
Barry: Oh my God! Somebody killed a robot and buried it in the forest!
Steve: No, Barry! It's obviously a control panel.
Barry: I need you to respect my ideas.
[Steve plays with the control panel, causing a tree to flicker]
Snot: Look!
[The tree disappears, revealing the control room where Stan is]
Control room computer: Integrity breach. Panel exposed.
Stan: Damn! Better close that panel before the boys see it.
Steve: Dad! He clearly put us in some sort of CIA holodeck. I am fuming and also nerding out!

Snot: Looks like the tables have turned.
Steve: Yep. I'd say this is the classic "Dad puts son in holodeck and finds himself in said holodeck which is now controlled by son" scenario.
Toshi: [in Japanese] In my culture, it is considered the most erotic of scenarios.

[When Steve is disappointed with their attempts to scare Stan in the holodeck, Snot offers to change the programming]
Steve: Nice job Snot! It's so real. It looks like he's actually getting hurt.
Snot: He is. I thought that's what we wanted.
Steve: No! I...I just wanted to scare him, not hurt him!
Barry: [smiling darkly] Now might be a good time to take a break.

[Steve goes into the holodeck to save his dad]
Steve: All right, guys, armor me and supply me with weapons. [Snot obliges] And can I get some snacks between me and the target? [Dots appear] Oh, my God! These dots are delicious! Who knew?

Hayley: Are you crazy?!
Roger: I dunno! I just went on a 53-hour Dexatrim-fueled trip to Senegal to kidnap a goat! You tell me!

Steve: Dad, take cover! [to zombie] And it's time for you to chill out! [to Snot] Snot, change my gun to a freeze ray so my clever line makes sense.

Stan: Auf wiedersehen, you undead son of a bitch!

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