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Hot Tub of Loveis a song sung by Cee-Lo Green (Evil Hot tub and as himself), Stan, Francine and Steve in "Hot Water". A remix of this song is heard in the end credits of the episode.




Hot Tub (Talking): Hit the Jets
And watch us blast off

Cee-Lo (Singing): There's something going on beneath the water
People getting hot
Making sons and daughters
It's just you and me
And L-U-V
In the T-U-B

Francine (Singing): Hot Tub... of Love

Cee-Lo (Singing): Bubbles in the tub
Bubbles in the glass
Fig in your mouth
And my finger in your--

Bass (Talking): BASS

Cee-Lo (Singing): Making love tonight
Making intercontinental looove

Francine (Talking): Are we above Egypt?
Stan (Talking): That's Mount Rushmore

Cee-Lo (Singing): Giving you a hickey
Over the mighty Mississippi
Sucking on your toe
Over downtown Tokyo
We're doing this dance
Over Paris, France

Stan (Singing): Chuck Berry me
Over Germany

Cee-Lo (Singing): We're going all the way
'Cause it's not a race
We can take it slow
Into outer spaaaaace
It's just you and me

Francine (Singing): Hot Tub... of Love

(Missile launch)

Cee-Lo (Singing): Mmm Yeah
We can take our time
Don't have to wait in line
This hot tub's in the V.I.P.

Cee-Lo (Talking): Gimme the address to the ocean
I'm 'bout to write it a letter
You may be the ocean
But I'm hotter and wetter

Steve (Singing): Hey-hey-hey!

(End of Song)

Steve (Talking): Dad! Hey!?

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