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Steve: Wait! That's my dad's study. No one's allowed in there.
Barry: Not even your dad?
Snot: [slaps Barry] Remember I told you being stupid was gonna start gettin' painful?

Barry: Puppies can't least mine couldn't.

Snot: How many points is a bird worth?

Snot: Wow! Uncensored nudity. This game must be from Japan.
Toshi translation: Unlikely. Those women are not underage schoolgirls.

Barry: They found us! We're getting off the island!

Steve: Ah, man! We must've used up all our boob credits.
Snot: Well, lets go kill some more birds so I'll open back up.

Roger: I'm dying. Franny, I want you to take over my Blimpies franchise. You'll run it right.
Francine: [to airplane passanger] Hehe, she loves to pretend. I think she might have S-K-I-Z-T-O-F, double-F? I'm trying to spell 'Schizinophria.'

Roger: [to flight attendant in Sean Connery voice] "Sweetheart, I'll have a mangotini, shaken, not stirred. Stirred. [in his own voice] Is that how I say it? [in Sean Connery voice] Stirred. [to flight attendant] Why are you still here?"

Stan: I was thinking we'd rent crossbows, go to the dog park, see where the day takes us...

Stan: You! [Steve screams] What did you do?!
Steve: I didn't do anything! [groans, then flushes toilet]
Stan: You were in my study!
Steve: No I wasn't! [groans, then flushes toilet]
Stan: You took the drone!
Steve: I didn't know what your talking about! [groans, then flushes toilet]
Stan: What's your name?!
Steve: Steve Smith!
Stan: Funny. When you tell the truth, you don't need to flush. Your ass has betrayed you.
Steve: OK! It was me. I did it.
Stan: Clean yourself up.

Mechanic: I play high-stakes ball-in-a-cup.

Stan: Its not easy to regain someone's trust. It takes a long time, like building a house or pleasing a fat woman.

Stan: This briefcase was here, now it is here. Do you know how it moved from here to here? Because briefcases don't just magically move from here to here when it was here. Oh wait I did leave it here.


Francine: [to a man complaining about Roger crying] Oh I KNOW you're not telling me how to raise my child!
Hayley: You do not tell this woman how to raise her child!
Roger: [as Caitlin] You do not tell this woman how to raise me!
Francine: Mn-mm!
Hayley: No you do not!
Roger: You have no idea what this woman has done!

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