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Herv is a producer for Marble Trouble, a film long-delayed in being finished after the untimely death of its star, Leonard Zane.

In "A Star Is Reborn", Leonard's wife June Rosewood becomes convinced that Stan Smith is Leonard reincarnated and they convince the original producers of his final film Marble Trouble to use him to finish the film. But when Francine is accepted to play as Gloria Delmar, a starlet who also met her demise, June kidnaps her to keep Stan after the film is finished.

Stan returns to June's mansion to search for her where June's maid Maxine and Herv tells Stan that June had actually killed Leonard and Gloria when they planed to run off together by drowning them in the ocean off of Catalina Island. As Stan rushes to catch June before she can do the same to Francine, Herv and Maxine settle in to make love in a giant jello mold.

Herv is voiced by Carl Reiner.