Hector is the parking valet at Boo!, an art gallery where Francine hopes to get in good with the Ladybugs in "Not Particularly Desperate Housewives". Hector accidentally spills Francine's drink and tries to clean it off, desperate to keep his job. He begs Francine not to tell anyone because he is so poor he can't keep his pants zipper fixed and has cock fights in the storage room.

When Hector and Francine emerge from the storage room, a misunderstanding causes the Ladybugs to believe Francine is having an affair with Hector. They reveal to Francine the true nature of their organization: they cheat on their husbands. Francine receives a ladybug brooch and tries to maintain the fiction of her affair with Hector.

Hector was voiced by Freddy Rodriguez.

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