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"He's Got a Kink" is sung primarily by Roger in order to convince Stan that nearly everyone can find something kinky to enjoy in their sex life after taking him to a sub-basement sex dungeon in "The Missing Kink" where many of the neighbors are found enjoying various fetishes. The refrain is similar in tone to "You've Got a Dream" from the Disney film, Tangled.



Roger: You're buttoned up and prude

Not an ounce of you is crude

And your tendencies in bed leave women snoring

But if you look deep down inside

And put aside your foolish pride

There are fantasies and holes that need exploring

Close your eyes and picture Francine as a French maid

Instead of wearing that same dress that's sort of pink

Sure, you'd rather be on top and give three quick pumps and stop

But I know deep down inside you've got a kink

Everyone: You've got a kink

You've got a kink

Roger: Don't be afraid to put a finger in the stink

Though I know you might be shy

Let me show you things to try

'Cause like everyone you know you've got a kink

Principal Lewis: Imagine yourself living without limits

You've got whips and chains. Who needs a shrink?

'Cause if you watch me with the ladies, what we do won't cause no babies

Take a tip from me and go and find your kink

Everyone: You've got a kink (He's got a kink)

You've got a kink (He's got a kink)

Principal Lewis: There's so much here to see try not to blink

So if you dig on women's feet...

Marguerite: Don't be afraid, turn up that heat

Principal Lewis: Cause like everybody else you've got a kink

Roger: Are you getting it yet?

Stan: I think I am!

I love sleeping with Francine

And I'm used to my routine

But you think it may be time to make a change

So I'll try out something new

Like when Carradine turned blue

Who am I to think my wife is sick and strange?

All: I've got a kink (He's got a kink)

I've got a kink (He's got a kink)

Roger: Remember what I said about the stink

Ray: So if you like us old

Al Tuttle: Or fat

Reginald: ...or furry

Avery Bullock: You won't be judged, we're not a jury

Roger: Cause way down deep inside we've all got kinks!

All: We've got a kink! We've got a kink! We've got a kink! We've got a kink!

Stan: Cause way down deep inside I've got a kink!