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  • Hayley is shown to be holding a toy doll of Anna from the movie, Frozen.
  • Klaus and Jeff parody "Wheels and the Legman" as "Fish and the Jeffman" until they are sued for copyright infringement by Roger.
  • Snot's ambiguous sexuality is mentioned when he states that he will not be "coming out" until he is "perfect."
  • Dr. Penguin mentions having tenure at the University of the Ozarks and cheers "Go Possums." However, the university mascot is Talon the Eagle.[1]
  • Joe Chandler is named for the writer of the same name.
  • Roger claims to remember "Happy Hayley", but it was previously established in "A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial" that the family didn't get Roger until Steve's 10th birthday, so Hayley would have been 14-15.
  • Despite being a practicing Hebrew, Snot has no problems eating pork in this episode.

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