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"Hayley Don't Preach" is a parody of "Papa Don't Preach", originally sung by Madonna. Here, it is sung by Roger as he reconsiders being a surrogate "mother" to Jeff in "Roger's Baby", renaming the impending man-child "Tristen."


Hayley, I know you're gonna be upset
'Cause you need me to birth human Jeff
But you should know by now that I'm a bit crazy
You helped to show me what I want
My goal in life is to be a mom
We're in this, him and me
And I don't need Hayley
Hayley don't preach, I'm in trouble deep
Hayley don't preach, I need booze to sleep
And I made up by mind
I'm keeping my baby
I'm gonna keep my Tristen
Mmmmm, mmmmm...