"Guppy Love (Fishing Ain't Easy (Where My Sluts At?))" is the title of Klaus' premier rap video when he switches from hype man to rapper in "The Never-Ending Stories".

Klaus tries to pacify Rogu in "The Hand that Rocks the Rogu" by showing him the video.


I had to do it ya'll

'Cause you guys didn't know

Didn't believe me

Steve Smith's a straight up bitch

Yo, umm

I make tons of money, I have tons of boys

When I go to the movies I make tons of noise

I don't care about nothing, I don't clean my house

I'll kill everybody, I'm a fish named Klaus

Goldfish [Goldfish], they come from China

But you are what you eat, so I'm a vagina

That means I eat [meow]

I also eat food from Seven-11, it's especially good

And these are my favorites

Chicken salad, the jerky at the counter

A Cubano melt, all the different types of hot dogs

Sushi, and I gotta have a Nutra-Grain bar and Mountain Dew!

Backup Singers: [Nutra-Grain bar and Mountain Dew]

[Nutra-Grain bar and Mountain Dew]

[Nutra-Grain bar and Mountain Dewwwww]


[Nutra-Grain bar and Mountain Dew]

All the time

[Nutra-Grain bar and Mountain Dew]

24-7 yo

[Nutra-Grain bar and Mountain Dew]

Munching on a Nutra-Grain bar and Mountain Dew

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