• Early 1990s Music groups Ace of Base and 4 Non Blondes are mentioned. Ace of Base "The Sign" is heavily featured and sung off-key by Roger to torment the family.
  • Roger has a Hannah Montana diary.
  • This episode is apparently set exactly one year after "1600 Candles", as the latter episode is set on Roger's 1600th birthday, and this episode is set on Roger's 1601st.
  • Roger wrote death threats to Merlin Olsen for seven years after Father Murphy was canceled in hopes to get the show to return.
  • While seeing Roger at his "job" under one of his personas, a nameplate in the cubicle beside Roger says "Zaida", named after Production Coordinator Zaida Rodriguez.
  • Stan claims his SUV is a Chevy Tumbler, breaking the fourth wall to plug its features.
  • In the scene where Stan is running around the ship in panties he is wielding a flamethrower as a weapon against Roger, even though in "Big Trouble in Little Langley" Roger is revealed to be fireproof. Although in his attempt to stop Roger, Stan may have forgotten.
  • When the Smith family is at the bank watching Roger it shows the date of March 9th.
  • Stan claims that no man has ever escaped from Bang Kwang Maximum Security Prison, conveniently forgetting that Roger is an alien and not human.
  • Stan's line when introducing Francine, "One who hasn't penetrated him (Roger) with a strap-on", was heard as a long censor bleep for the latter part of the line on the original televised episode.
  • In the scene where Roger is taken to Bang Kwang Central Prison the preceding shot outside the prison shows traffic moving on the right hand side of the road which is factually inaccurate as Thailand drives on the left.

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