"Good Job" is Hayley's song of surprise and happiness after winning her father's approval after being his assistant on the CIA cheesecake calendar project in "The Devil Wears a Lapel Pin". However, when she suddenly realizes that she left Jeff with instructions to burn the photos in revenge for his destroying a past art project of hers, she rushes off, leaving Klaus in charge who is forced to improvise until he comes up with his own melody in "I Killed Three Teenagers".


Stan: You worked your ass off. Don't think I haven't noticed. You've done a good, no, a great, no, a good job. And I'm proud of you.

Hayley: [softly] Did he...did he just say...?

The greatest words that a girl could hear

Well my dad just fed them right into my ear

I've been waiting for years and years to hear

My dad, he's proud of me!

'Cause I did a good, no, a great, no, a good job

I did a good, no, a great, no, a good job

I did a good, no, a great, no, a good job

My dad and I have had rough patches

That's why Jeff's upstairs with a book of matches

[She suddenly realizes what is about to happen] Oh, shit. [runs off]

Klaus: Don't worry, I've got this. [Background set changes]

My name is Klaus and I...I...I...uh, uh, oh, dang

[The music stops and Klaus struggles to continue]

Say something, anything...I killed two teenagers!

I killed two teenagers

I was hammered on bourbon as I took the turn

And ditched the car as my passenger burned

[Does the math] Oh, wait...

I killed three teenagers

THREE teenagers

I killed three teenagers

[Smiling] Don't tell anyone.

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