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God is the omnipresent deity, Father of Jesus Christ and as the Creator of life, a central part of that religion's basic tenants in the religion of Christianity. Although the basic concept of God exists in other monotheistic and polytheistic religions, it is the Christian God that serves as the basis for the American Dad! character.

The appearance of the "God" character is the traditional depiction of the Abrahamic God in the Western world: a white-haired Caucasian man wearing a white robe.

God asks George W. Bush to downplay their relationship in the Pilot episode of American Dad!.

In "Roger Codger", Father Donovan has a swimsuit calendar of God.

God appears to Steve in the form of Angelina Jolie in "Stan of Arabia: Part 2" because he chose the body most appealing to Steve.

Avery Bullock gives Duper God's autograph from the stash of illegal CIA items in "I Can't Stan You".

Stan sees God in his vision of Heaven with Brett Morris in "Dope & Faith".

Stan tried to use a Heaven gun to force God to return him to his family in "The Most Adequate Christmas Ever".

The swimsuit calendar of God from "Roger Codger" appears in Mr. McCreary's office in "The One That Got Away".

God opens the gates to Heaven for Stan and Francine's fantasy in "Hot Water".

Stan hallucinates God in "Daesong Heavy Industries" after losing his religion. As God points out that he is losing his brain cells, he forgets the word "zebra."

In most episodes, God is voiced by Seth MacFarlane. In "Stan of Arabia: Part 2", God is voiced by Odile Corso.