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Glitter is the brunette prom-date-gone-wrong for Steve when he and Snot attempt to clone dates using CIA technology in "Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure". Glitter is cloned from a girl's spit, but instead of receiving teenage dates whom they hope to have sex with, they instead find themselves with a pair of infants on their hands.

When they drop the infants off at a daycare run by one of Roger's personas, they return to find the girls have grown to the physical appearance of five-year-olds. They continue with their plan and allow the girls to grow their bodies into the correct physical age. But on the big night, they find they have developed parental feelings for their clones and decide not to follow through on the sex. But when Steve leaves Snot alone for a moment, he finds Snot has taken off with Glitter, reasoning that he has no parental connections to her. While Steve pursues Snot, Stan deduces that the boys have made clones and is forced to kill Snot's clone Honey to keep the CIA's secret,and sets off in pursuit of the boys and Glitter.

Steve stops Snot and tells them that Glitter means something as a person as Stan catches up with them. Steve takes off with Glitter with Stan in pursuit. As they find a moments respite, Glitter collapses, having reached the chronological age of her DNA. After saying her goodbyes to Steve, she dies. Although Stan tries to shrug off the death, Daren the Dodo whom he was taking care of for the CIA also dies, leaving him distraught. Trying to bring the pair back, Stan creates a dodo-Glitter hybrid and is forced to kill it as well.

Glitter is voiced by Mae Whitman.

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