Funnyish Games
Francine becomes obsessed with home security after a break-in.

Season: 13 Episode: 20
Total Episode Count: 254
Prod. no.: CAJN20
First Aired: March 25, 2019

Featuring: Francine, Stan
Also Appearing: Klaus, Steve, Hayley, Roger, Jackson, Esther Lonstein, Greg Corbin, Al Tuttle, Brigid Hendricks, Vikki, John
Director: Josue Cervantes

Assistant Director: John O'Day
Writers: Kirk Rudell
Storyboarders: Michael Baylis, Brian Mainolfi

Roger's Disguise: Lolita from "Kloger"

Funnyish Games

When the Memari's get robbed, Francine treats it like a joke but agrees to call a home security company. After getting a system that she likes, Stan scares the crap out of her and the family with a fake home invasion to convince her to increase security even further. She orders him to spare no expense and he installs the most sophisticated system possible. But when her paranoia takes hold and she begins to regard everything as a possible threat, she is directed to a safe room, but she finds that the last 'threat' is Stan himself and the security system decides to protect her from him.

She learns that the only way to deactivate the system is to remember their home address as Stan and Roger are herded into a basement kill room. She tries to teach the system about love, but finds it is only interested in her kitchen stove and agrees to allow her to live with them. She is able to take advantage of a weak spot in the safe room design by kicking her way into her closet, where she throws Klaus out the window to tell her the address, even though he already knows it. She manages to deactivate the system and save Stan. He admits he only did it to keep her safe, and she reciprocates the feelings by beating up a store clerk that tormented Stan.

Funnyish Games 2

Meanwhile, Steve enters Groff Community College as an architecture student and finds himself sharing a class with Hayley. Despite his studying, he gets an A-grade and is shocked to find that Hayley's score tops his. Klaus convinces him that she simply absorbs the information by relaxing, so he gives it a try but finds he is in trouble when it fails to help him. He decides to copy off of her test, but the professor notes the similarities. As Steve faces being expelled, Hayley takes the blame, but they both catch a break when the professor and dean simply take a small bribe to keep them in school, as Hayley reveals that the reason she's done so well on the test is because she's taken the same class six times.

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