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  • This is the first episode to contain all of the six main characters only, with none of the regular characters or any guest star, except the cinema ticket man, guest voiced by Patton Oswalt.
  • The FOX press release lists the episode as "Frannie 911"[1], while the DVD sets list the episode as "Franny 911".
  • The scene where Roger, disguised as a Native American and steals Stan's hair shows him to have a bald head. This was shown further as a plot in "Chimdale".
  • When Stan reaches the cinema booth, the man working there says that the film starts at 5:50, it's 5 minutes and 50 seconds through the episode.
  • Roger says he knew Stockard Channing in the late 40's, aged 50, but she was born in 1946, so she would have been a child.
  • "Cool Change" by the Little River Band plays as Roger's attempts to be nice kill the plant.
  • The song Roger and Francine would sing to each other when one was upset is "I see the Moon" by Jim Brickman.
  • When Roger brings a sledgehammer and a watermelon into the study, Francine thinks it might be "Gallagher Day". The American comedian Gallagher is known for smashing watermelons as part of his prop comedy act.
  • From the episode's DVD commentary, the reason why Hayley's nudity is still blurred on the DVD is because the animators didn't draw the offending body.
  • Also in the commentary, during the scene on the roof, Francine is inexplicably barefoot. That's because there was a scene that was deleted which involved Francine's heels breaking and her tossing them into the trash.

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