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  • This episode had a parental discretion for animated nudity and sexual dialogue before the beginning of the episode on FOX.
  • Lindsay Coolidge reappears in the future episodes "Big Trouble in Little Langley" and "Choosy Wives Choose Smith", and Jewel reappears in "Daddy Queerest".
  • The old woman Stan deceives and leaves in the back of a van appears again in "Meter Made" as the woman he refuses to squash a parking ticket for.
  • Stan is watching Sesame Street on the morning of his anniversary.
  • The song Stan makes Whitney Houston sing, "Greatest Love of All", is revealed to be Francine's favorite song, but in "It's Good to Be the Queen", Francine's song is said to be "Little Red Corvette" by Prince.
  • Ariel from The Little Mermaid makes an appearance.
  • There is an AC/DC poster on a wall in Francine's old apartment.
  • When Francine is on stage, the band playing is Queens of the Stone Age, and their frontman Josh Homme guest starred in this episode.
  • Romeo Void's "Never Say Never" plays at Francine's party.
  • The name of the tent where Stan takes Francine to after she fell unconscious at the Burning Man festival is called the "Dave Chappelle Freakout Tent".
  • Toshi refers to Jewel as Godzilla. As Toshi can usually only speak Japanese, when he screams "Godzilla", he should really have said "Gojira". Godzilla is an English created word. However, in "A Piñata Named Desire", he tells Snot off in English and in "Home Wrecker", he sang "Ya Mo Be There" with the guys.

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