Family Plan

Gus, Lilly, Toothface, Amy Schumer, Tony Gambolono, Ford Festiva, Slimer, Babyoncé, Ass Rash and He Who Shall Not Be Named are all infants that Francine adopted from the Langley Adoption Agency when she was sent by Hayley to simply get contact information on her birth parents in "Family Plan".

After the wedding of Dr. Kalgary, Francine starts to feel the need to be part of a larger family, so Hayley suggests looking up her birth parents. Instead, she adopts ten orphans. When Hayley sets her straight, she returns to the orphanage where she finds she is hailed as a hero, but after getting the phone number for her parents, returns the orphans in a shopping cart that she pushes through the front door, as well as a man also sitting in a shopping cart.

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