• Roger announcing that he "lost half a pound since Tuesday" is a reference to a line from Sunset Boulevard.
  • Stan exclaims "What in the name of Phil Spector happened?" when discovering that Bullock killed Melinda, a reference to the record producer's murder trials.[1]
  • Many of Roger's moves in his dancing montage were taken directly from Footloose which starred Kevin Bacon, the actor he happened to be disguised as.
  • Francine's adoption of an Indian baby is a reference to celebrities such as Madonna and Angelina Jolie adopting kids from foreign nations.
  • The way Stan disposes of the body in a wood chipper is similar to the way Peter Stormare's character disposes of Steve Buscemi's in the film Fargo.
  • During Bullock's flashback of what happened on his date with Melinda, several subtitles are shown on the screen in the form of the subtitles shown on the television show Blind Date.
  • When Stan admits his mistake to Francine in India, she screams about praying to an elephant, referring to the Hindu god Ganesh and breaking the Christian commandment of not having other gods before the Christian God.

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