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  • Jonathan Fener, writer of the original "Tearjerker", wrote this sequel.
  • The song used in the intro sequence is "Get Your Snack On" by Amon Tobin.
  • The title screen for "Tearjerker" lists Francine in the role of Sexpun T'Come. For this episode, her last name is given as "Tocome" in promotional materials but is not confirmed with her own title screen in this episode.[1]
  • The company that takes the sand in B's intelligence briefing for Stan is named Jansen after episode director Jansen Yee.
  • Tchotckie's necktie looks like a fish.
  • Sexpun has a foot fetish.
  • Tearjerker mentions the store Tommy Bahama by telling Smith of his plan to open a competing store with Tchochkie Schmear.
  • Janeane Garofalo's lack of mainstream success[2] is mentioned by Tchochkie.
  • Murphy & Cillian's name is a pun on actor Cillian Murphy's name.
  • Hayley's character Miss Peacenickel has no lines.
  • Roger's character is imprisoned in a subterranean cell, much like Roger was in the Bang Kwang Maximum Security Prison in "Great Space Roaster".

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