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Butch: But, seriously, anybody know anything about any launch codes?

Bullock: Where, the hell, is my SANDWICH!

Bullock: Is that Francine's voice I hear? [comes out to greet her] Look who made a speedy recovery! [gets a look at her face and turns around] Nooooo.

Stan: How would you like it if your wife worked here?
Bullock: Oh, I'd love it. Is there an opening for a woman who bangs every black man she meets at a Red Lobster parking lot?

Steve: Our birdhouse business had been hard on me, but it had taken a real toll on Roger. I knew it wasn't true...the classes, the girlfriend, the sobriety. It was all a lie. That's why I wasn't surprised to read in the paper that he had O.D.'d not ten seconds later.

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