Hayley feels left behind after Jeff becomes a star dog racing coach.

Season: 13 Episode: 21
Total Episode Count: 255
Prod. no.: DAJN21
First Aired: April 1, 2019

Featuring: Hayley, Jeff, Fleabiscuit, Roger
Also Appearing: Steve, Stan, Francine, Klaus, Tuttle, Greg Corbin, Parker, Tracy, Trey, Earl, Mr. Brink, Gretchen Grossbard, Troy, Charlie, Darlene, Wizbo, Brian Griffin, James A. Garfield, Kelsey Grammer
Director: Shawn Murray

Assistant Director: Jee Hyun Yoo
Writers: Teresa Hsiao
Storyboarders: Gerard Galang, Jonathan Finn-Gamino

Roger's Disguise: Dudley Dingleberry from "The Talented Mr. Dingleberry"


Hayley finds herself pushed aside when Jeff's racing greyhound Fleabiscuit wins the Chimdale Stakes while Klaus, feeling that the mechanical rabbit 'Wizbo' is too plain looking, sets out to give it a little more personality and ends up going for a wild ride and becomes hooked. With Roger's help, she decides to try to beat Jeff at his own game with Roger adopting a dog persona named Ryan. With Hayley and Klaus' training, Roger works his way up the ranks and gets a chance to face Fleabiscuit in the final race of the Triple Crown. When Jeff learns of this, he accuses Hayley of being jealous of his success and becomes even more determined to win.

However, Roger demoralizes Fleabiscuit by sleeping with his girlfriend Darlene and showing him the video, and during the big race, he refuses to run. Hayley realizes she really wants things back to normal and not break Jeff's heart in the process, so she stops the mechanical rabbit that the dogs chase for a distraction, leaving both Klaus and the rabbit to get mauled by the dogs. Fleabiscuit finally leaps into action when he finds Darlene is pregnant with his puppies, and thanks to Roger's stunts, manages the win the race, after which Jeff announces his retirement from racing.

Fleabiscuit 2

Meanwhile, Steve has decided to spend time naked since he has the house to himself, while Stan and Francine take up residence at the dog track, even with diminished funds after they win a bit but subsequently lose it back. They win enough in the final race by betting on Fleabiscuit to return home with notable wealth to find Steve naked on the couch. A battered Klaus pulls himself in from the kitchen and begs to die, but just as he does so, he is pushed back down into his body by a Heavenly finger, much to his disappointment.

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