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  • The song that plays when Roger remembers his night with the cow is "Chances Are" by Johnny Mathis.
  • Stan calls attention to the convention of most cartoon characters only having four digits on each hand.
  • Stan says that Sam Kinison lived so long because of yelling. He actually died age 38.
  • Roger has spiders in his breasts, "just the way he likes it."
  • According to Steve, there has been only one mailman who delivered mail to the Smith residence until this episode, when he retired.
  • When Hayley says that Bullock stole babies and sold them to underground dinner clubs, Bullock replies by saying that it was pillow talk, calling back to their brief relationship in "Bullocks To Stan".
  • Stephanie, one of the invited girls to the "pig party" in "Stan's Night Out" appears as one of the ugly daughters.
  • Francine previously told Terry that she didn't smoke in "Surro-Gate".
  • Steve reveals he suffers from Hemophobia, a fear of the sight of blood.

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