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  • Roy Family is based on the rumors that Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen following his death of cancer in 1966. In reality, Walt was cremated and his ashes interred at Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, CA. [1] In addition, the name "Familyland" bears similarity to the name "Disneyland" and Walt's brother, Roy Disney, performed significant roles in Walt's entertainment empire, both before and after Walt's death. His design is also similar to Walt. In addition, the episode borrows a lot of parodies of Disneyland and things of the Walt Disney canon, including Mikey Muskrat being a parody of Mickey Mouse, Familyland and it's slogan "the familiest place on Earth" being a parody of Disneyland and it's slogan "the happiest place on Earth." Klaus even mentions that Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen and also had a theme park, but Steve didn't know who he was.
  • The park map Francine looks at after entering the park and the one used during Bullock's review are significantly different, notably in the diminishment of "Future Land" and the realignment of the main gates and castle in relation to Roy's statue.
  • Avery Bullock is at Familyland without his son because he has a family fetish.
  • The Smiths had a five-week run on Family Feud, but all of the shows were filmed in one afternoon.
  • When Stan reveals his "all evens" hand during his game of poker, the 8 card and the 10 card are shown and they have only 1 symbol and 2 symbols on the cards respectively instead of the usual eight and ten. In addition, no such hand as "all evens" is recognized in poker.
  • Roger is using a tablet computer at the beginning of the episode despite him saying he "doesn't have the fingers for it" in "Toy Whorey".
  • A different Wild West Land was featured in "Jenny Fromdabloc".

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