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  • The restaurant next to the Skylark Bar is "Daniello's Restaurante", named after director Joe Daniello.
  • Stan wore a shirt proclaiming himself a "Federal Boobie Inspector" in "Roger 'n' Me".
  • "Legal Tender" by the B-52s plays during the montage of setting up the fake ID business.
  • "We Are Young" by Fun plays while disguised Stan has a date.
  • Steve chooses the alias "Guttenberg" after actor Steve Guttenberg, unaware of the credited inventor of the printing press. However, when Avery Bullock puts Stan on the case, the CIA has no record of Steve Guttenberg ever existing.
  • Stan mentions that A-ha was playing at the county fair, even though they were disbanded at the time of the episode airing.
  • Steve's cell phone wallpaper is an image of Hayley in the shower.
  • Thanks to Steve's intervention, Hayley carries a fake ID giving her age as 29.
  • Hayley previously had a fake ID in "A Smith In The Hand".
  • David A. Goodman, long time executive producer for Family Guy is credited as an American Dad! executive producer beginning with this episode.

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