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Exposition Realty

Exposition Realty is the real estate firm that Francine goes to work for in "Threat Levels".

When a virus scare causes many neighbors of the Smiths to put their houses for sale, Francine meets a real estate agent and wishes she too could go into the business. Stan then uses his connections to have the real state agent, Barb Hanson, shipped to the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and put Francine in her place. When Francine makes more money than he does, Stan fears he may be emasculated by the whole situation. Stan puts Exposition Realty out of business through a fake drug bust. But when Stan tells the manager "You're fired", Donald Trump shows up demanding payment for using his catch phrase from The Apprentice.

Stan boots Barb Hanson's car outside of Exposition Realty to blackmail her into letting Francine into the Parade of Homes in "Meter Made".