"Everyone is Happy in Utopia" is sung by the entire show's cast when peace breaks out worldwide in "300".


Avery Bullock: Everyone is happy in Utopia

From Spain to Japan to Ethiopia

Steve: Mertz was a bully who only cared for shovin

But now, he's a pacifist, all about lovin

Principal Lewis: Now that the world is at peace, I have my own flock of geese

Lewis, Bullock: Everyone is happy in Utopia

Francine: The roads are all empty, everyone gets a Bentley

Billy: I can dunk a basketballlllll

Dr. Kalgary: Everyone is happy in Utopia

Hayley: I used to smoke six times a day, no joking

But in this new world, I get high without toking

All: Everyone is happy in Utopia

Buckle: We're all full of hope-ia

Sky Crooner: I can fly without my rope-ia

All: Cause everyone loves Utopia

Klaus: And things are going well for me too!

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