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  • The episode's title references the Clint Eastwood film, Every Which Way But Loose.
  • Steve's football team, the "Nexus Six Series Replicants", is named after the android-like machines that Deckard (Harrison Ford) chases in Blade Runner.
  • Roger's disguise is based on Walter Matthau's character in The Bad News Bears. Likewise, many scenes are parodies of that film including drinking beer in the car at the field.
  • Stan and another player quote lines from The Karate Kid.
  • Stan's team is called the "Wolverines", a likely reference to the film Red Dawn as mentioned in "With Friends Like Steve's".
  • Steve's speech at the end is a reference to the film A Time to Kill. It parodies Matthew McConaughey's closing arguments at the end of the trial. Except instead of ending with "now imagine she's white" Steve ends on "now imagine that boy is you." The speech is further lampooned in the fact that Stan interrupts the story at the beginning asking if the boy in Steve's story is white.
  • Roger calls himself "Jack Tripper", referencing the character played by John Ritter in the sitcom Three's Company.

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