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Barry: Deb is really packing it on, huh?

Stan: It was nice of Steve to acknowledge us this week. Even if it was just this one time.

Steve: You wanna get nuts! Come on, lets get nuts!!

Debbie: Let the nerdy one go...the scrawny nerdy one...the scrawny nerdy one with glasses...Steve.

Steve: I want you to 'Turn a Trick' with this teddybear.

Barry: Steve, help Barry!

[Steve and his friends are about to go out in a blaze of glory]
Steve: We might just take a few of them with us!!
[as they are getting beaten up]
Steve: We're not taking any with us!!

Angry Mobster: I'm gunna break the fat one's spine!
Barry: I'm popular.

School Billboard: Erections Today! Someone stole our last "L".

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