Eric is one of Stan's co-workers at CIA Headquarters.

Eric joins in the CIA's day off in "Threat Levels".

He attends the CIA fishing trip in "Francine's Flashback".

Eric is one of the CIA agents that chases Roger at Area 51 in "Roger Codger".

After Jackson sticks a "shoot me" sign on Stan's back in "All About Steve", Eric is one of the agents that shoot Stan.

He attends the banquet for Avery Bullock in "Stan of Arabia: Part 1".

Eric sits in the audience during Stan and Hayley's concert at NGA Land in "Stannie Get Your Gun" and can be seen in the hotel lobby in "Irregarding Steve".

Eric steps up to choose an illegal CIA item in "I Can't Stan You". He and Stan argue over a disintegrater and he loses after being disintegrated, although Stan thought it was a penis enlarger.

Eric can be seen in the background as Jackson runs into the restroom to cry in "One Little Word".

In "Stan's Night Out", Stan is disappointed that he can't go out with the guys and Eric assures him that he is cool, then immediately presses him to buy sixty dollars worth of licorice for his daughter to play soccer in Europe.

He joins in the CIA spending spree at XanaBoobs in "G-String Circus" and runs the obstacle course in "A Jones for a Smith".

Eric's character design is used as a conventioneer in "Fartbreak Hotel". He also helps Stan put on his waiter costume in "A Piñata Named Desire" and can be seen at Wong's Golden Wok in "The Worst Stan".

He appears in "Stanny Tendergrass" when Sanders gets chewed out by Bullock and hangs out at the CIA Chill House in "Can I Be Frank (With You)".

Eric is seen at Brenda and Theo's reception in "The Boring Identity" and at Stan's trial in "Rubberneckers". He is also present when Bullock looks for a volunteer to be laid off for a month in "Big Stan on Campus" and outside of CIA headquarters in "N.S.A. (No Snoops Allowed)".

He appears backstage at the CIA photo shoot in "The Devil Wears a Lapel Pin" and observing the Overwatch tournament with Avery Bullock and other agents in "Brave N00b World".

Eric is voiced by John Viener.


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