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Ellen Riggs is the former superintendent of Langley Falls Schools and current state comptroller of Virginia. She first appears in "A Ward Show," where she fires Principal Lewis.

Stan Smith convinces Principal Lewis, who was rehired, to marry Riggs in "The Worst Stan" in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a best man. It is revealed she was in on it to mend the public's belief that she is racist toward blacks and hates children to help her campaign for state comptroller. She admits that she is aware that Stan is also using Lewis to get what he wants and knows he won't spill the beans. At the wedding, Stan deals with conflicting emotions until Lewis' step-father Mr. Druffel tells him to go with how his heart feels. Stan stops the wedding and convinces Lewis he'll be happier single. Frustrated with having her plans spoiled, Riggs knocks out Stan, only to find that Tracey Bryant, Lewis' former cellmate now considers himself to be her bitch. The two become romantically involved and eventually marry, and soon Riggs becomes pregnant with their son. Sometime after the birth of their son, she wins the election to become comptroller.

Ellen is voiced by Anjelica Huston.

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