El Fuego Del Sexo is a dance club in Miami, Florida.

In "The Worst Stan", When Roger is given a magical pair of shorts by an old gypsy woman that make his legs tall and muscular, he heads to Miami, Florida with Steve Smith to go clubbing at El Fuego Del Sexo. There he runs into Ricky Martin who is attracted to him. When Ricky gets Roger alone he asks him to take off his shorts and Roger refuses, knowing what his legs really look like without the shorts. After getting advice from Steve, Roger comes clean to Ricky and takes his shorts off, showing him how his legs really look. Ricky is delighted because he too was given a magical shirt by an old gypsy woman that hides a massive beer gut, making it appear muscular as well. Amazed at the power of the shirt, Roger steals it and proudly wear them with the shorts.

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