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Dylan is a character in the "Dream Phone" game in "Anchorfran".

When Hayley finds her old “Dream Phone” game and invites Roger to play, he pooh-pooh's the idea until he sees the "Dylan"'s game character and becomes hooked, fantasizing that he likes going to the mall and pizza as his character does. Roger begins to monopolize the game, resetting it every time it isn't "Dylan." To pacify him, Hayley and Steve convince him to go on a road trip to find the original person. Roger arrives at his home and finds the performer much older, and no longer interested in his old role and dislikes the mall and pizza. Roger snaps, returning to the car with a bloody Dream Phone and a frightening jar in a bag.

The final doctor shown in the Sex Hospital opening theme in "Anchorfran" uses the basic character design of older "Dylan".

Dylan is voiced by Rob Huebel.