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  • The theme song is rethemed for Christmas in this episode.
  • Stan apparently fails to return in time for the family photo. The invitation is sent out with his driver's license image added to the picture.
  • According to that picture, Stan is not an organ donor.
  • The song that plays during Stan and Roger's ride is "Good Time" by Owl City featuring Carly Rae Jepsen.
  • After shooting Stan, the CIA agents walk away whistling "Joy to the World".
  • The episode ends with the 1954 version of "Home for the Holidays" by Perry Como.
  • Artwork in the style of Patrick Nagel can be seen in the newly-single Stan's house.
  • Roger mentions Seth MacFarlane's film Ted when naming films in which the character needs to learn a lesson.
  • The preferred pronunciation of "Porsche" is "Porsh-uh" since its founder was German.[1]
  • Stan claims he never saw It's a Wonderful Life, and yet in "Stan of Arabia: Part 2", he has an It's a Wonderful Life-themed fantasy sequence.

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