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Dr. Sunderson's SunSuckers
Jeff and Hayley try to help Roger's business.

Season: 16 Episode: 18
Total Episode Count: 318
Prod. no.: FAJN19
First Aired: August 16, 2021

Featuring: Hayley Smith, Jeff Fischer, Roger
Also Appearing: Stan, Francine, Steve, Klaus, Memphis Stormfront, Principal Lewis, Barry, Dale, Holly, Lamont Lime
Director: Shawn Murray

Assistant Director: Jee Hyun Yoo
Writers: Nic Wegener
Storyboarders: Lila Martinez, Johnny Turco

Roger's Disguise: Deganya, kiosk girl from "Yule. Tide. Repeat."

Sunsuckers A.png

While failing to generate interest in clean energy, Hayley and Jeff become interested in Roger's solar energy business and go to work for him. However, things hit a roadblock when they want to use their van for the business and Roger's persona insists on no fossil fuels. Working behind his back, they trick him into going out of town in an effort to increase productivity. But when Roger discovers their deception, they manage to impress him by having increased sales. After a very successful run, they appear on television, but when the gas and electric companies learn of their work, they move to undercut the solar panel business by lowering their rates. Taking Hayley's advice that sometimes a little pollution can help in the long run, Roger plants bombs and destroys all of the gas stations and generating plants in town.

Dr. Sunderson's SunSuckers B.png

As Hayley and Jeff are appalled by the devastation, Roger, having miscalculated the smoke produced that is obscuring the sun, points out that it will get even worse when the flames hit the pipe lines. As the town prepares for the apocalypse, Roger has one last plan to save things by raising his 'Sunsucker' tower above the clouds and powering misters that he installed in wind fans. The plan starts to succeed until they are struck by a Telemundo satellite, which blocks the mirror on the Sunsucker. Roger lowers the mirror over the side and catches another sunbeam before he is swept away by a Univision satellite, but succeeds in saving the town at the cost of giving his business to the energy companies.

Meanwhile, Stan, Steve and Klaus become concerned about the lack of a television listing guide in their newspaper and believe a thief has struck. They plan an elaborate stakeout, but end up with no results and discover that there is no television listing guide in their newspaper once again, resulting in Klaus and Steve blaming each other.

The mystery of the missing television guide is left unresolved until Stan decides to go to the bathroom and reveals that he's been the one taking his own, as well as the neighbor's television guides, which he keeps in a secret cubby hole for no particular reason.

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