Devin is a member of the Langley Hot Broads lesbian roller derby team, where she has the nickname "Seven Minutes in Devin."

In "LGBSteve", Hayley is invited to try out for the team, but can only find acceptance if her "sister" Steve can also join when they discover that he is a natural skater but mistake him for a girl. Hayley gets him to go along with the charade by suggesting that he could find himself getting into very suggestive situations. Not only do the situations turn out to be more than Steve could ever imagine, but he finds himself drawn to Devin. When they start to get too close, Hayley tries to break things up by reminding him that he is posing as a girl and doesn't want him to get caught. But when she tells Hayley about future plans that she and Steve have made to open a restaurant, Hayley tries to muffle Steve again but he calls her bluff. She decides to out Steve as a male, only to find that everyone is already aware of it, leaving Steve confused about his own sexual identity and Hayley questioning her open-mindness. Steve concludes that he is really a boy and breaks the news to the team. However, they accept his decision but make him agree to perform in their last match, helping him continue to pose as a girl by taping up his genitals as a team.

She was to be a panelist for the Mayoral election in "Railroaded" before the segment is cut short.

Devin is voiced by Kristin Chenoweth.

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