Demetri Weinsteinopolis

Demetri Weinsteinopolis is one of Stan's CIA trainee students in "The Never-Ending Stories". He has been brainwashed by Roger into believing that he is her Jewish/Greek son.

When Stan uses the class time to tell his stories instead of training the students, he has to cheat for them to allow them to graduate the training class. He does too well and as a result, the unprepared students are sent on an otherwise suicide mission. When Stan goes after them with Roger in tow where they find the guerilla's camp. Demetri is unable to tell anything but Stan's stories and is threatened with death, as Stan intervenes, but they are captured as well when Stan starts another of his stories and when Demetri is threatened, Stan manages to deflect the bullet with his tongue. This buys enough time for Bullock and a group of hedonists he was vacationing with to rescue everyone.

Demetri is voiced by Paul Rust.

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