• The inception for this episode came from sound designer Shawn Ian Kerkhoff actually buying a DeLorean. [1]
  • Steve claims he has been playing the cello for five years. In "Choosy Wives Choose Smith", he says he began playing the cello to get Lindsay Coolidge.
  • Stan keeps the DeLorean at U-Store-It while building it.
  • Stan has never seen Back To The Future.
  • Francine suggests to Roger trapping David Blaine in an air-less refrigerator, a nod to the extreme and unorthodox stunts he does.
  • Stan and Steve stop at the Gas of the Mohicans gift shop.
  • In June 2010, life would imitate art when Seth MacFarlane would purchase a replica of the Delorean from BTTF.[2]
  • According to the DVD commentary, Christopher Lloyd; Doc Brown from Back to the Future, was the original choice for the door salesman but declined the offer.

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