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  • When Steve is talking to Betsy at the Deacon's wake, you can see the Deacon's head in the casket. But when we are in a close up of Betsy, the head is not there anymore.
  • The style of the church sign changes in the episode, it gains a metal design on the top. It also changes places from the second tier of the flower planters to the first tier. Then later in changes from First Episcopalian to simply Episcopalian.
  • When Stan is at the bathroom window spying on Chuck White, we can see Francine already has her left stocking on, but when Stan suddenly attempts to rush Francine out the door, she's putting the same stocking on again.
  • When we see the Chuck White beat Stan to the shady parking spot, there is a green car in the adjacent spot, but when the Whites are walking into church, the car in the next spot has changed to blue.
  • The white bag Francine drops on the floor vanishes moments later when they hear the wooden milking machine start to crack.
  • Steve's tie disappears then reappears when first arriving at Chuck White's house for the wake.

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