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Steve: Roger, what the hell is th...holy cow, you really do have a gym up here.

Stan: [in Klaus' body] You have not stopped picking your nose since we left the CIA.
Klaus: [in Stan's body] I know. It just feels so good to have a nose to pick. And you left me so much to dig out.
Stan: Nasty!

[Klaus gives a bad impression of Stan to prove that he can fool people]
Stan: [in Klaus' body] Okay, I admit it's a pretty good impression. But once I start talking, they're gonna know...
[Klaus places a pile of books on the goldfish bowl, cutting Stan off as Francine and Hayley walk in]
Francine: Hey, Stan.
Klaus: [in Stan's body] Hey!
Hayley: Oh my God, Klaus is in dad's body.

Answering Machine: You have new messages.
Steve: When did I get an answering machine?
Roger : [voice] Hey, Steve, how's it going? It's Roger over at Roger's Gym. Just wanted to follow up on your visit. Give me a shout when you can. No presh. Hope you're well, man. [machine beeps] Steve-O! Steve, Roger, Roger's Gym. Hey, I was talking to my manager, incredible deal just popped up, thought of you. Holla atcha, boi! Call immediately. [machine beeps] Steve, it's Rowdy Roddy Piper. No I'm just kidding, it's Roger. Just on a smoothie run, want to see what you wanted. I'll just grab you the protein power blend, meet you up in the gym in about fifteen, we'll get the sign-up outta the way. [Roger hits a car offscreen] Ah, you clipped me, bro! Make that twenty, bud. I got clipped. I'm okay, not everybody's okay. Actually if you could get the smoothies that would be a big help and grab me a bagel would ya? YOU CLIPPED ME, CHIEF!! [machine beeps] Hey, Steve. Hey, I'm at the courthouse. I'm not supposed to have my phone. Three people died in that accident. They're saying it's my fault, but it's total crap. Anyways, listen, if you could just stop by the courthouse, drop off those smoothies, we could knock off that sign-up, I got the forms with me. My manager said he'd throw in a couple of Pilates classes, I've never seen him do that.
Voice: [offscreen] Hey, get off the phone!
Roger: [offscreen] What you said to me?! [machine beeps]
Snot : [offscreen] Steve, it's Snot! Turn on the news, dude! Someone's going berserk at the courthouse shooting everybody up! [machine beeps]
Roger: [offscreen] Steve, it's Roge! Roge, the Dodge Charger, I'm back at the gym. Listen my manager is freaking out about this deal I'm offering you. I can hold him off for a couple few. Call me... [Steve pushes the machine's button] Steve! [Steve pushes the button again] Steve-O [Steve pushes again] S-Man! [Steve pushes again] Stefan Urkel! [Steve pushes again] Even Steven! [Steve pushes again] Steve-it-to-Steaver! [Steve pushes again] STEVEN, PICK UP THE FUCKING PHONE!! [Steve pushes again] Hi, calling for Steven Smith. [Steve pushes again] [in feminine voice] Hello, Steve, this is the girl that you like.

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