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DJ Iron Monkey is a billionaire musician and "philanthropist" that Hayley discovers is a fraud in "Blonde Ambition".

When complaining that a blonde outside of Walgreens is getting signatures for a bogus cause, Roger tries to distract Hayley with a magazine article on Iron Monkey's work. Hayley decides to become a blonde herself, and is invited by DJ's aide who spots her at a charity event in Las Vegas to a private party on DJ's private yacht, purportedly powered by solar energy.

During the party, Iron Monkey invites her on a personal tour of the ship where she discovers he has some flawed ideas about the environment, and when he ditches her to check out another woman set up by his aide, discovers that the yacht is really powered by slave whales. Determined to free the whales and stop him, Hayley stumbles upon Francine and Roger hunting for her. Hayley and Francine perform a dance-off to distract a guard while Roger cuts the chains on the whales, freeing them. To prevent Iron Monkey from just capturing more whales, the three use elephant tusks to pry open a massive cork stopper in the bottom of the boat, causing it to sink as it smashes through an oil pipeline on the ocean floor. The oil spill restores Hayley's natural hair color as DJ and many of his guest's bodies float in the spill.

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