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  • Pornos have been filmed in the Yoshida home.
  • Steve and Toshi vandalized a lunch lady's car after she insulted him on Twitter.
  • Hideki, claims that like his wife, Hiko, and unlike Toshi, he doesn't speak Japanese.
  • Stan is known to use the pool at their home as a toilet, especially when he's not swimming.
  • Hideki has an Indigo Girls room with the words "Closer to Fine" on banners on the wall, which is one of their songs.
  • The Yoshida's have a triangular shaped roomful of exercise equipment, but a separate room for a triangle collection.
  • Jeff notes that things tend to get weird when he hangs out with Klaus unsupervised.
  • Stan maxed out 12 credit cards trying to compete on the Funny Car circuit.[1]
  • "Classic" by The Knocks feat. Powers plays during Steve's Sunday stroll.
  • One of Stan's ideas to impress Hideki is a stack of Mad magazines on the coffee table.
  • Roger can stretch his neck to extreme lengths. He uses this ability to steal a bite of a mall customer's hot dog but gets caught.
  • Steve loves Stan's crystal decor, but Hideki claims he prefers a minimalist approach.
  • Steve mentions that Snot was invited up to Pete Rose's hotel room.
  • Perry considers Jeff MadTV funny.
  • Stan's credit cards in Steve's name barely covered the sand painting of two victorian girls performing a '69'. The $50,000 loan was for the crystals.
  • Roger has a Peppa Pig wallet.
  • To raise the money to gamble at Atlantic City, Roger suggests selling Stan's SUV for $25,000.
  • The driver of the black car that Steve gives a thumbs-up to during his Sunday stroll is a caricature of director Joe Daniello.
  • Stan convinces himself to bet big so he can 'go nuts' in a Men's Wearhouse.
  • Stan and Roger won 5 times, doubling their money on each bet, and earned roughly $800,000.
  • Principal Lewis' car can be seen at the knick-knack store.

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